Porsche 911 Turbo Exclusive Series: A Taste Of Power And A Touch Of Class For The Maniacal.

The Porsche 911 really is the every man in the car world. It seems to cover the entire bandwidth of the automotive spectrum when it comes to all things high performance. There is the base 911 Carrera which by virtue of its price tag and power levels is deemed to be a sports car, there is the GT3 which is the very definition of a track car, the GTS which is the ultimate GT car in my opinion and finally the Turbo which sits at the pinnacle of the 911 range. The 911 Turbo is Porsche’s 570 S. Their super car.

The formula for the turbo has always been the same. The same 911 engine in the base model but twin turbo charged. Then the range is further split up into two trim levels. The base 911 Turbo and the more powerful 911 Turbo S. Talk about splitting hairs. However crazy this madness may seem there is method to it that has left car lovers besotted by the entire range as there is something for everyone.

There is a separate division of the craftsmen and women at Porsche’s skunk works known as Porsche Exclusive. This division has been responsible for personalising Porsches to the nth degree and even for creating one-off projects. This division has now been re-branded and is now known as Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. It will be responsible for advising customers on their personalisation options, developing specialised equipment options for Porsche’s entire range of cars and producing special edition vehicles alongside their more mainstream counterparts. If this sounds all too familiar think M.S.O.(McLaren Special Operations). Both these divisions are akin to each other. Enter the 911 Turbo S Exclusive series.

The Turbo S Exclusive has been produced with one type of Porsche client in mind: The extremely wealthy. From the rather flamboyant golden yellow metallic paint scheme garnishing the body work to the golden yellow metallic strips running across the seats and the roof lining the Exclusive is a sight to behold. If the golden yellow paint is too loud for some Porsche will offer other exterior colours to choose from.


The engine has been updated with a power kit and now boasts 446kw(607hp) of power to the standard car’s 427kw(580hp). The torque figures remain the same however at 750 Nm. This is transmitted to all four wheels via Porsche’s PDK gearbox giving the Turbo S Exclusive a sprint time to 100kph of 2.9s, the same as the standard car but a 0-200kph of 9.6s. An improvement of 0.3s over the standard Turbo S. The top speed remains the same at 330kph.

PASM(Porsche Active Chassis Management)comes as standard as do rear wheel steering and PDCC(Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control). The roof, side skirts and bonnet are made from carbon fibre. The exhaust pipes are made from stainless steel finished in black paint to complement the car’s paint scheme.



As an option owners will be able to order a time piece which like the car will be limited to 500 examples only. There is also a luggage set on offer at extra cost designed with the Turbo S’ stowage space in mind.



The car is available to order locally with prices starting at R4,072,000.00.