Mercedes AMG GT Concept: AMG’s Family Grows.

There are only a two cars under the AMG banner that Mercedes can claim to have been built ground up by their performance division: The SLS AMG and the AMG GT. The rest of AMG’s line-up is made up of standard Mercedes cars that have been revisited with an emphasis on performance as opposed to luxury.  At this year’s Geneva Motor show Mercedes pulled the wraps off AMG’s latest creation: The AMG GT Concept.

If you are familiar with Aston Martin’s DB9 and Rapide then you’ll see the similarities between the AMG GT Concept and the AMG GT. The latter looks like a stretched version of the AMG GT. Perhaps this is a nod to Mercedes’ partnership with Aston Martin.

The Concept uses a hybrid power-train adapted from Mercedes’ formula one ventures. It features the GT’s 4.0 litre V8 coupled to an electric motor. Mercedes has a claimed combined output of more than 600kw and a claimed 0-100kph acceleration time of under 3.0s. The electric motor powers the rear axle and derives its power from a high performance battery. Variable all wheel drive is standard.

The most direct competitor to the AMG GT Concept is the Porsche Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid. Currently Porsche’s most potent Panamera. It is down on power compared to the GT Concept with a combined output of 500kw of power and 850Nm of torque. 0-100kph is dispatched in a claimed 3.4s.

Even though the AMG GT Concept is, well, a concept for now most of its features will make it to production including the laser lights up front. Just like the AMG GT was aimed at the 911 it seems that this ‘predator’ has another Porsche in its sights.


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