BMW’s Millions(of Instagram Fans): New Social Media Milestone.

One can almost feel Jörg Poggenpohl’s(Head of Digital Marketing BMW) heart swell with pride as he reiterates the importance of Instagram to their marketing strategy. He is keen to point out that it isn’t only a platform for BMW to showboat their many achievements but to go beyond that and “share the excitement and enthusiasm of their fans and customers alike world wide.”

As a car enthusiast I have to adore that statement. BMW isn’t only acknowledging their customer base but also their fans, who may or may not necessarily be customers.


BMW is officially the first automotive channel on Instagram with over 10 million followers. BMW uses the channel to showcase it past, present and future . First launched in May 2012 BMW’s Instagram account has seen exponential growth reaching 8 million followers in 2016. The ‘#BMW’ has been used over 19 million times to date. German rival Mercedes trails BMW with 8.2 million followers on Instagram.



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