Volvo V90 Cross Country: What Cars Are All About.

It is so refreshing when a car maker admits that their cars are to be used for more than the daily commute. Most car companies boast of their cars capabilities on-road and off, their ability to entertain and impress but never as get away cars. Volvo is marketing the V90 Cross Country as the perfect get away car. Even more impressive is their marketing campaign  which doesn’t feature any off-road courses that such cars are meant to tackle.

Echoing the sentiments of philosopher and thinker Alan Watts, Volvo’s Thomas Anderson(Vice President Global Marketing) states that the V90 Cross Country is the perfect “enabler” that helps people get away from their busy lives. The late Alan Watts was famous for his ‘Live Fully Now’ speech in which he discourages people from living for the future but rather to live fully in the present. In his famous speech Watts argues that people are always aiming for something in the future and when they achieve it they don’t get to enjoy it as they are aiming for something else in the future. He gives an example of being in university and looking forward to work. After one starts working they look forward to being successful.

Volvo’s own research shows that 6 out of 10 people globally want to spend more time engaged in outdoor activities. Hiking, running and cycling are the top three activities people would like to be engaged in. Sadly, 68% of the people tested are unable to to have such hobbies as work takes too much of their time.

Volvo’s V90 marketing campaign is geared towards encouraging their customers to live fully. To use their cars to rediscover their passions and hobbies.

Volvo V90 Cross Country


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