New BMW 4 Series: 4 Series Receives Mid-Life Update.

It seems as if it was yesterday that BMW changed its nomenclature: Even numbers for coupés and their sporty designs and odd numbers for practicality driven cars in their stable. We are just about used to calling the former 3-Series coupé a 4-Series and already there is a new line up. Nowadays it feels like cars are being updated just as fast as the latest gadget from one’s favorite tech company. The 2013 BMW 4 Series hasn’t matured yet in terms of looks but with the current competitive climate BMW has refreshed the looks somewhat and added some new features to the range.

One would be hard pressed to be able to immediately spot the differences between the outgoing 4-series and its replacements. But they are there. The front lights now come as Bi-LED head lamps as standard which can be upgraded to adaptive LEDs. These replace the xenon headlamps which came as standard on the outgoing model. The front and rear bumpers have also been updated. The fog lamps are also LED items as standard.

The 4-series has had its suspension updated  to be firmer than before. However BMW states that there has been no loss in ride comfort.There are three petrol engines and three diesel engines on offer. The petrol engines have an output of 135kw in the base 420i and 240kw in the top of the range 440i. The diesels have an output of 140kw in the 420d and 230kw in the 435d x drive. The gran coupé is also available with an entry level diesel engine that churns out 110kw of power in 418d guise.

In the interior the navigation system has been updated. The optional Professional navigation has a new and improved interface which BMW states is more intuitive. The instrument cluster can also be upgraded to a digital one with multiple functions.

The exterior styling is almost the same as before but there is a particularly BMW M2 scowl plastered on the front of the 4-series coupé. Sharper lines have been employed across the range giving it a more aggressive look compared to the outgoing range. Whether one likes the styling or not is entirely subjective but in all honesty the 4-series tails its rivals from Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar in the looks department.




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