New Lexus LS: Japanese Hospitality Wrapped In An Automotive Package.

Lexus today officially unveiled the latest iteration of the Lexus LS. Keeping in line with its core design philosophy, extreme angles and straight lines are featured throughout. This will be the LS’ fifth outing and Lexus promises that this will be the new definition of luxury, not only within the brand but among its competitors.

The new LS has been endowed with the same chassis fitted to the LC 500 albeit one that has been lengthened. It is lower and wider than the car it replaces. This coupled with its coupé like appearance give it a more sporty stance when compared to its predecessor.

As seems to be the trend, Lexus seem to have finally buckled under pressure and will be offering the LS with a twin turbo charged V6 capable of producing 415hp and 600Nm of torque. This replaces the current generation atmospheric V8. The choice of engine wasn’t only a result of environmental concerns but also better fuel economy. This engine, coupled to a ten speed automatic gear box sends power to the rear wheels giving the LS  a 0-60mph time of 4.5s. Lexus is keen to stress that the ten speed gear box is a first in luxury sedans.

With one eye trained on sportiness and the other on comfort, Lexus’ will only offer the LS in the long wheel base format at 123 inches. 1.3 inches longer than the current LS long wheel base model. Apart from freeing up more space in the interior this is to ensure that the car has an optimal center of mass. The engine and the seats have been placed lower in the car and in a more central position to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. The car is now also around 90kg lighter than its predecessor as a result of using high tensile steel sheet and aluminium in its construction.

Lexus has also employed the use of aluminium in the suspension set up to reduce unsprung weight which in turn improves handling. Lexus’ multilink suspension now uses double ball joints in the upper and lower control arms. This allows the car to have better wheel control and be more responsive to the driver’s steering inputs.

As is to be expected the LS has been lavished with luxury features. Noise cancelling tech has been used to expel unwanted frequencies from the engine and the environment outside. Other stand out luxury features to set it apart from its rivals include air suspension with an access function. This can be activated from the smart key and raises the cars suspension and raises the seat bolsters for the driver ensuring a comfortable ingress.




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