McLaren 650s’ Replacement: McLaren’s Sports Series Tier Overhauled.

McLaren today broke the news of a 650s replacement set to debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in March this year. McLaren hints that this will be a new car from the ground up in their super series segment.  It will be the first time that McLaren will replace a product family(i.e.the super series tier). This is part of their new business plan with 14 other new cars planned in the future.

When the 650s debuted it wasn’t a new car.More an evolution of the 12c. It shared the same chassis, engine(albeit with more power)and most of the design elements of its forbear. McLaren continues to flaunt its prowess with working with carbon fiber with the new Monocage II .This is a further development of Monocage I first featured in the P1. It consists of the carbon fiber tub and roof moulded into one.The door sills have been lowered for better ingress and egress out of the vehicle.

More details will be available in March when the 650s’ replacement is officially unveiled to the public.




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