BMW M550i xDrive: The BMW M5 Has A Place Holder.

BMW is yet to reveal the new M5 to the world. However, BMW has just launched the current top tier car in the new 5 series range: The M550i xDrive. BMW aficionados will immediately recognize the ‘i’ for petrol variant and the ‘xDrive’ for BMW’s four wheel drive system.

The M550i comes equipped with a twin turbo charged 4.4 liter v8 which delivers 340kw of power @ 5,500rpm and 650Nm of torque. Maximum torque is available low down in the rev range from 1800 rpm. This enables the M550i to accelerate to 62mph from a stand still in 4.0s. The engine is coupled to BMW’s 8 speed steptronic gearbox  and BMW’s four wheel drive system. The four wheel drive system is rear wheel biased.

Like the rest of the 5 series range the M550i has received a raft of technology updates. There is an optional remote parking system which uses the key fob to maneuver the car into and out of tight parking spaces. As standard the M550i has an evasion aid, crossing traffic warning system and active lane changing warning.

The M550i xDrive will be available in show rooms from March 2017.

BMW M550i xDrivep90244864_highres_the-new-bmw-m550i-xdBMW M550i xDrive


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