Nissan Debuts Electric Café In Paris: Drinks Paid For In Watts

Nissan yesterday announced that collectively all the Nissan Leafs have covered a distance of 3 billion kilometers. The Nissan Leaf wasn’t only the worlds first mass produced EV (Electric Vehicle) it is also the best selling EV of all time. To celebrate this landmark Nissan has opened a pop up café in Paris where customers generate electricity in different ways.

The café features a corridor with electro-magnetic induction tiles made by Pavegen. The tiles generate electricity as people walk across them.  The tiles come equiped with electro-magnetic induction generators. The weight of people walking on them displaces the generators vertically which in turn generate electricity.

The drinks bar has unique cycling seats developed by WeWatt. The seats come with pedals which generate electricity as users cycle on them. An overhead counter display shows the desired amount of energy and once the goal is achieved users are treated to a ‘free’ drink.

The café has been created not only to celebrate Nissan’s commitment to the EV movement but also to help people rethink the way energy is produced and used.

The pop up café opened to the general public yesterday and will be open through the 18th of December.




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