The Escape: New BMW Film Out.

BMW films have been at it again and needless to say they have not disappointed. The Escape premiered yesterday on BMW films’ website and is available for viewing for free. It has also been made available on YouTube on BMW USA’s YouTube channel.

The film features Clive Owen as the Driver up to his usual shenanigans: Outsmarting the baddies and rescuing the package: a certain Dakota Fanning from mortal jeopardy. The filming was really good with a lot of use of practical effects from director Neill Blomkamp.

The car in use is the new BMW 540i. A few shots with the engine being revved ensures that all viewers are aware that it is a turbo charged engine. A tug of war between the BMW and a helicopter forever settles the debate that indeed 250kw of power and 450 nm of torque is all you ever need to take down baddies.

In step with the original film series(The Hire)the film is only 13 minutes long. Just long enough to leave one asking for more. Hopefully there will be more episodes released in future. Without further ado, here is the film below. Let me know what you feel about it in the comments section and how you think it compares to ‘The Hire.’


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