Its a bird, its a plane…nope, its a bug: VW Beetle sets new world speed record.

VW has a new world record: The fastest speed ever recorded in a VW Beetle over a distance of 1 mile of 328kph. This record was set at this years annual World of Speed event at the Great Salt Lake in Bonneville, Utah in the U.S.A. The VW beetle in question has had its 2.0l direct injection engine tuned to produce an output of 550 ps and a peak torque figure of 571 Nm.

The VW beetle had to go extensive modifications to be able to withstand the rigours associated with driving at over 300kph. The engine had a new turbo charger and pistons installed with the camshaft and cylinder heads being modified to cope with the new output.

The car was also fitted with special tyres capable of driving on salt. The body was also lowered and a limited slip differential added to improve traction.

db2016au00800_smallVolkswagen Beetle LSRVolkswagen Beetle LSRVolkswagen Beetle LSR


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