Mercedes AMG GT and AMG GT C Roadsters.

Long gone are the days when we have to wait for the performance version(black series)of the performance car(regular AMG variant)we were waiting for to premier. These days, AMG, Mercedes’ in-house performance division launches both models at the same time. And such is the case with the roadster versions of the AMG GT and GTS coupé: the AMG GT and AMG  GT C. But in all fairness the AMG GT C isn’t really the convertible equivalent of the GT S. It is more a slightly detuned version of the AMG GT R.

2 years after the AMG GT  and GTS were premiered at the Paris motor show Mercedes has launched their convertible counterparts. Both cars come equipped with the same 4.0l  twin turbo charged v-8. In the entry level AMG GT roadster the engine churns out 350kw of power(476hp) at 6000rpm while the AMG GT C produces a bit more power with 410 kw(557hp) from between 5750 rpm-6750 rpm. A peak torque figure of 680nm is achieved in the GT C between 1900 rpm-5750 rpm while the GT produces 50nm less of torque between 1700 rpm-5000 rpm. For comparison the AMG GTS coupé has a power output of 375kw.

Both cars come with a fabric top which can be lowered/raised in around 11 seconds and which is available in three colors: black,red or beige.

Apart from the visual ques which differentiate the two cars the AMG GT C comes as standard with rear wheel steering, a first for Mercedes, which made its debut in the AMG GT R.  For speeds of up to 100kph the rear wheels of the AMG GT C turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels which helps in cornering. However, at higher speeds the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels helping to improve stability.

Both cars come equipped with AMG’s seven speed dual clutch transmission.The AMG GT C has an electronically operated locking differential while the AMG GT roadster has to make do with a mechanical one. Both cars come with an active air management system which helps to cool some of the components to prevent them from over heating. This has also been imported from the AMG GTR.

The  0-100kph(0-62mph)times are: 3.7s for the AMG GT C and 4.0s for the AMG GT roadster. The AMG GT C has a claimed top speed of 316kph while the AMG GT roadster will stop accelerating at 302kph.

AMG GT  Roadster und AMG GT C Roadster

AMG GT Roadster

AMG GT C Roadster

AMG GT Roadster

AMG GT C Roadster



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