2017 Mercedes AMG GLC 43 4MATIC


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With car companies scrambling to fill evey automotive niche possible Mercedes seem to be leading the pack with the introduction of the GLC Coupe,a direct competitor to the BMW X4. AMG,Mercedes’ in-house tuning specialist have launched a new sub-AMG GLC coupe.The  AMG GLC43 4Matic which AMG chairman Tobias Moers says will “appeal to new target audiences.”

This sub-AMG coupe comes installed with a bi-turbo  3.0l v6 engine with a maximum output of 270kw of power from 5500rpm-6000rpm and 560nm of torque from 2500rpm-4500rpm. To improve efficiency and durability AMG has used  NANOSLIDE® coating for the cylinder liners,technology which is in use in their formula 1 cars.The GLC 43 coupe also comes equiped as standard with  Mercedes-AMG’s 9 speed automatic G-tronic transmission which now boasts faster shift times  as a result of software tweaks to the gearbox.To enhance the sporting nature of the car the four wheel drive system(4matic)has been engineered to have a rear bias of torque with 31% going to the front axle and 69%to the rear.

This sporting SUV also comes with dedicated sports suspension based on Mercedes-AMG’s AIR BODY CONTROL suspension system. This is to  aid in neutral cornering and improved agility even at high speeds. The suspension system comes with four different spring rates to suit the transmission setting and driving conditions.The AIR BODY CONTROL suspension also comes with adjustable ride height which Mercedes states is for the “occasional excursions into unpaved terrain.”

The GLC43 also comes with a cellphone app which can be used to remotely control various aspects of the car such as heating,locking and unlocking the doors and to also look up the vital stats of the car such as the fuel level and range.

The GLC43 4matic coupe will have its world premiere later this month at the Paris Motor Show with sales expected to start later in the year.

The performance stats are:0-100kph(0-62mph) in 4.9s and and an electorinically limited top speed of 250kph(155mph)with a combined fuel economy of 8.4l/100km.


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